Keeping the Air in Your Car Clean

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May 04, 2017

Keep the air clean in your car this winter season with an Anti-bacterial Service & Pollen/Cabin Filter for just $89*

Keeping the Air in Your Car Clean

Your car's heating & air conditioning systems are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, fungus and other microbes. The moisture-laden environment is very conducive to the growth of these organisms. Ensure these organisms are kept at bay by having an anti-bacterial service.

Replacing the pollen/cabin filter is also necessary as the filter plays an important role in your vehicle. A pollen filter reduces contaminants entering the vehicle, as these contaminants enter through the heating & A/C system. Regularly replacing the pollen/cabin filter ensures efficiency of the heating & A/C systems and also ensures cleaner air entering the vehicle.

This season, get an Anti-bacterial Service and Pollen/Cabin Filter for just $89*

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